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Welcome to The SES Group

SES was founded in1998 primarily to provide services to the UK coal mining industry. It was recognised that the skills and engineering capabilities were readily adaptable for application in the rail industry and over the years SES has delivered consistent high performance and evolved into one of Britain’s premier providers of world-class civil and rail engineering services. Our qualified civil, rail, electrical, mechanical and mining  engineers enjoy a reputation for excellence - making SES the first choice for significant engineering projects.

We deliver innovative solutions in energy, construction, transportation, utilities, mining, and many other sectors. SES does the things that no-one else can, and the things no-one else can do so effectively. 

Our team delivers vital engineering solutions nationwide, and as far afield as the Arctic Circle. They advise, assess, construct, inspect, install, maintain, manage, repair, replace, stabilise, supervise, survey, test, tunnel and much more. 

With this unique expertise and capability, the SES Group is more than a reliable partner. We add unique value to every project. We go further and dig deeper, for the UK's foremost civil engineers, extractive industries and FTSE 100 companies. We deliver vital capabilities in the following areas ensuring the SES Group is the safer and smarter choice.

Some of our clients
EDF Tata London Underground Ministry of Defence Network Rail
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