Plant Operator Scheme Contracts (POS)

Part of the SES Group, SES Rail has long been recognised for high standards of safety awareness and staff training and are pleased to embrace Network Rail's POS system to enhance infrastructure safety by strict adherence to rules and guidelines for plant operation. The POS requirements fit seamlessly alongside The SES Group ethos for fully documented management controls and systems thorough competence management and training, together with continuous improvement by monitoring and reviewing operations and procedures and emergency planning and procurement mechanisms.

SES Rail is proud to be related through association with the prestigious EGIP Scotland project. SES were able to boast an incident free record for all schemes implemented in support of this and many other rail infrastructure projects nationwide.

Since SES gained their POS licence we have grown from strength to strength with our client base ever expanding - these include the prestigious EGIP Scotland project, Siemens with the North Lincs re-signalling project and the Peterborough Station remodelling. 

SES continue to work closely with their clients providing bespoke solutions to individual client needs, an example of this is the modification to our machine to enable the safe use of Torque motors to install helical piles. 

As with all SES services, providing POS is just part of our offerings. Alongside our own fleet of RRV and attachments we can bring in specialist pieces of equipment when required.  These include drainage investigation and vacuum units, heavy lift capability knuckle boom cranes and personal carriers.

Case Studies

North Lincolnshire re signalling scheme

Part of the SES Group, SES Rail were contracted by Siemens to provide all of their rail mounted plant...

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Some of our clients
Tata London Underground Network Rail Siemens Amey Carillion