The SES Group - History

When SES was founded SES in 1998, the business was providing bespoke services to the UK's mining industries. Under the careful tutelage and leadership of the board, SES has delivered consistently high performance and growth. 

SES branched out into the rail industry in the noughties and recognising the need to expand the portfolio still further also moved into civil engineering. Today, The SES Group is one of Britain's foremost multi-functional companies, with operations across the world.

SES has a deserved reputation for providing clients with ever-greater solutions and expertise: both developed in-house, and gained through acquisition. When The SES Group acquired the renowned mining divisions of both Cementation and Thyssen (GB) Ltd in 2004, the company secured its position at the largest and most experienced mining contractor in Britain, providing vital support to every one of the UK's major mining companies.

Since 2004, SES's skills in tunnelling, shaft work and mining have remained superlative - but we haven't rested on our laurels. SES has also developed unrivalled expertise in civil and rail engineering, mechanical and electrical works. As a result, our client base has grown to be both extensive and diverse. In addition to supporting numerous British blue chip companies, SES works as far afield as Poland, India, Bulgaria and the Arctic Circle. As SES' global footprint grows, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of specialist engineering solutions.

Some of our clients
Tata London Underground Network Rail Siemens Amey Carillion